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 <?plugin WlugMember?> 
 Self proclaimed ExtreamlyStrangePerson 
-Resides in the thriving metropolis of [Raglan] 
+Used to reside in the thriving metropolis of [Raglan], now resides TeUku  
 Former employee of the infamous MidlandInternetLimited aka Frontier Net 
-IRC Aliases: ^ Sass|nak, ^Sassinak , Sass|work (i do work sometimes, honest), mebobo and blarp  
+IRC Aliases: Sass|work , Sass|home and Sass|goon (i do work sometimes, honest) 
-Home Page [] 
+Home Page [] or [] or if your on the MetaNet [http://www.scrooge.tla
-Likes to say GoodMorning  
+Current Interests Include  
-nein, I say Morning -- CraigMckenna  
+FTA Satellite TV (Ku and C band) (2.4 Meter Dish will be being installed shortly :)