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-Self proclaimed extreamly strange person  
- [IRC] [Nick]s: Sassinak, Sassinakwork and Sassinakgone (I do work sometimes, honest)  
+[IRC] [Nick]s: Sassinak 
 Home Page: 
  * On the InterNet at large: [] 
- * Blog type thing [ ]  
-Reside in the thriving metropolis of Raglan, a small township situated approximately 50 Km west of [ Hamilton], site of the longest lefthand surf break (with good surf it is possible to ride a single wave, from the indicators (whale bay) to Sunset Beach (wainui reserve) -- not that I can surf) in the southern hemisphere and of Vinnies (a Good Eats Place -- try the thai squid rings with chilli dipping sauce :))
+Resides in the middle of nowhere between Hamilton and Raglan
 Former employee of the infamous MidlandInternetLimited aka Frontier Net 
 Current Interests include 
 * FTA Satellite TV (Ku and C band) [] 
 * BitTorrent 
-* WorldOfWarcraft  
+* EveOnline  
 [Jabber] ID 
-jid:craigm@sassinak .is-a-geek .com  
+jid:craigm@mckenna .net .nz  
-Currently works for [EForms |] / MindzI / [Tintz Digital | http://www.tintz] as "IT Systems Manager" and general JOATMON  
+Currently works for [Hook Technologies | http://www.hooktech ] 
 Points of view with regard to [ReligiousWar]s 
 * [Vim] over [Emacs]