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 !!Actually it is known as a LocalDirector and is now classed as an EndOfLife (EOL) Product.%%% 
 They are Cisco Layer 4-7 switches and are used for Intelligent Server Farm Load Balancing.%%% 
+The models were the 400 series (417 and 417G).%%%  
+Have a look at the [Cisco Web Site|]  
+The LocalDirector has been replaced by the CSS 11500 series switches.%%%  
-!!!The Replacement Items are CSS 11500 series switches%%% 
+!!!CSS 11500 series switches%%% 
 The Cisco CSS 11501 Content Services Switch is a compact fixed-configuration platform that delivers rich Layer 4-7 traffic management services for e-business applications. The Cisco CSS 11501 is appropriate for load balancing small web server clusters, supporting eight 10/100 Ethernet ports and one Gigabit Ethernet port though an optional small-form-factor, pluggable gigabit interface converter ([SFP] [GBIC]).%%% 
 For medium- and large- data centers--requiring greater performance, higher port densities, and modularity--customers have the choice of the Cisco CSS 11503, Cisco CSS 11506 and the Content Switching Module for the Cisco Catalyst 6500. 
 Have a look at the [Cisco Web Site|] 
-If the's are [EOL]'d, then what replaces them?