Hungarian living in the USA.

Teacher (formerly) - way more excitement and responsibility,
programmer (presently) - way more money for the family.

Since a Hungarian

  • last name, i.e. family name, i.e. larger group for the individual featured as the beginning of the name,
  • first name, i.e. given name, i.e. more specific whithin the group featured at the end of the name

Isn't this the way you would sort a list of names anyway???

"I figured any name with that many accents in it must be Hungarian :) (Also, I have Hungarian blood in me and suspected both your first name and surname as Magyar...) Welcome to WLUG!" -- JohnMcPherson

Any chance of adding details about yourself that are sufficiently detailed to be linkable? There's not much point in a wiki or wiki page without links. -- StuartYeates


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